ice barrel home set up


Ice barreling without the ice? Yes, it’s possible.

The benefits of an ice bath can be tremendous, if you have access to one. More and more there are commercial home set ups available. There are really two options; 1) find a tub or plastic container large enough to fill with ice, or 2) purchase a high-end commercial unit for big bucks.

At we have found another cost-effective way to stay on ice 24/7 — even in the hot summer months without the need for any ice. That’s right, our unique set up holds the water temp as low as you’ll want to go — no need to continually buy ice (you won’t be able to make enough of it in your home fridge to sustain low temps), and our set up is ready to go whenever you are.

We’ve put together an eBook that shows you what you’ll need including a full parts list and instructions.

ice barrel ice cubes
Bags of ice (10-pounds each)
per bag of ice
per ice bath session — forever.

Stop Looking. Start Chilling.

We’ve looked at many different setups and productized ice bath options, including converting a chest freezer into a cold plunge as many YouTubers have done. We chose a much simpler method of putting together easily accessible parts and simple instructions to create a lasting cold pool setup. Here are a few of our favorites from our parts list that you’ll find in the eBook:

The Ice Barrel

Super awesome and easy to set up product. Ships fast and can be purchased through Amazon here. Get The Ice Barrel!

Water Chiller

There are several water chiller sizes to consider depending on the amount of water you intend to use. Our eBook makes some suggestions based on our experience and desired temperature you are looking for. You can take a peak at one water chiller here.